Monday, January 21, 2008


Coffee doesn't affect me anymore - this is not a recent discovery, of course, but people around me who are discovering it find it very surprising - and I find that amusing. So when I drink coffee these days its more like a force of habit (when its 'normal' coffee) or a whim of indulgence (if you happen to spot me in a Barista/Cafe Coffe Day/Qwiky) - never, anymore to stay up in the nights, since I can make it to the deep slumber zone after a mega mug with consistent success, in a couple of minutes flat, effectively competing with the well advertised 2-minute Maggi preparation time. Thats a hard earned skill too - came about after repetitive coffee hogging many times a day when I was working as a software developer, or the many times a week outside my office when I would walk into one of those coffee outlets with a novel in my hand, in a pitted battle against ennui clawing at my life.

And so there was this time, when one of my roomies was leaving for good, and we decided to stay awake and chat till late in the night - and they decided that downing a few dregs of the strongest coffee would facilitate that (I was smirking inwardly). So we go to a Cafe Coffee Day, we return, and while they begin their anticipated chat session, I leave them to gape at me as my lights go out almost instantaneously after I lie down for a while.

And while I am here about coffee, heres a Turkish proverb in context:

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as

(Not that even that would work for me ... )